3 Things I'm Grateful For

I've been following along with Blog Society's #30bebravechallenge, and today we were challenged to ask ourselves what we are grateful for, and to share 3 of these things. In sticking with the food and health theme of this blog, I give you my 3:

1. Cooking Skills
I'm not talking fancy cooking skills that will see me working in a fancy restaurant. My cooking is actually a bit 'hit and miss', lots of my kitchen escapades work out, but plenty do not! I'm talking about the basic skills to cook simple and basic meals for myself and my family. These skills are easily taken for granted, however I have seen and talked with many people who lack this basic kitchen confidence. Lacking these skills can have a follow on effect for a person's nutrition and ultimately their health. I very much hope to pass on these skills to my children, and if you have kids I highly recommend doing the same.


2. Growing up in household where little emphasis was placed on physical appearance
Now don't get me wrong here - we wore clean, ironed clothes, had regular haircuts and a general sense of neat and tidiness was encouraged. What I mean to say is that I was never taught that my personal worth was wrapped up in the clothes I wore or the length of my legs. I was taught to see value in thoughts, individual gifts, contributions, achievements, efforts, intentions and differences, and warned against the act of comparison. In this oh so visual world of TV, computers, magazines, and social media, it is crucial to be teaching children and teenagers (and everyone really) that who you are is more important than what you look like. Thanks mum x

If you're a parent and are interested in ways to foster healthy body image in your kids, click here for a practical fact sheet from the Better Health Channel.

3. Quiet moments
Health is more than nutrition. Among other things, taking time out to do something you enjoy, even for a short moment, can help reduce stress and improve mental health. Life can be busy. We all have stuff going on. I'm grateful that even in the day to day rush I am able to find small moments for a cup of tea, a breath of fresh air, and some sunshine on my face.

Want some extra 'quiet moment' inspiration? Have a read of this post from the blog Nourish and Nest.

I would absolutely love to hear about 3 things you are grateful for. Share your grateful thoughts in the comments below.