The Tuesday Checklist: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Welcome to the Tuesday Checklist. Each Tuesday Rethink Nutrition will be bringing you a list of five things. They might be 5 tips, they might be 5 products, they might be 5 of something else.

For this very first Tuesday Checklist we have 5 Christmas Gift ideas. These are gift ideas that are NOT about shoving the get healthy message in the recipient's face, however they are gifts that subtly promote health in one way or another. All of these ideas can be bought for $60 or less. Here they are...

  1. An Omelette Maker
    Eggs make a nutritious and tasty meal. An omelette is a great way to add vegetables into breakfast, and is also a quick, easy and convenient solution for an evening meal when you don't feel like cooking. A great gift for students, or anyone working long hours.
    Pictured: Breville Omeletts Creations, $59.9 from
  2. Spice Mixes
    A gift quite literally packed full of flavour. Specialty spice mixes can take simple dishes from ordinary to extraordinary, and are a way of encouraging cooking at home. You could have a go at making your own mix for a homemade gift (you can find a number of ideas on Pinterest) or purchase mixes from a specialty spice retailer.
    Pictured: Barbecue Spice Kit, $35.00 from
  3. Specialty Teas and Herbal Teas
    I've confessed my love of tea on the blog before, so it should come as no surprise that I think it is a lovely gift. Taking time out to boil water, brew a pot of loose leaf tea, and sip it from a favourite cup or mug can become a small, special moment to enjoy - and we all need small special moments regularly. Flavoured or herbal teas are great as they can reduce the need for the biscuit on the side. I AM INFUSION teas are packaged beautifully and would make a gorgeous gift for the tea enthusiast (hint, hint).
    Pictured: I AM LOVE tea, $29.95 from
  4. A Vegetable Spiralizer
    I'll admit that I've not had the opportunity to use one of these, but I do think that they look like a lot of fun! Turn a variety of different fruits and vegetables into long curly noodles that can be added to pasta, soups, salads and stir-fries. A kitchen gadget that can help you eat more veg in a variety of new ways.
    Pictured: The Paderno Spiralizer, $50 from
  5. A class from Wild Rumpus
    This is a Wollongong specific gift idea (but I'm sure similar classes can be found in other locations). There are a range of classes on offer by local social enterprise Wild Rumpus, including cooking, gardening, art and craft workshops. A class like these would be great for the person who is hard to buy for. The healthy factor in this gift comes from the fun of trying something new and the self confidence that comes with learning new skills.
    Check out the range of classes on offer at

Hoping that gave you some different ideas for great gifts this Christmas.