You're not what you eat

Let's repeat that - You are NOT what you eat.

Something to think about for a Friday afternoon as you head into what I hope will be a relaxing and enjoyable weekend for you all. Perhaps something you didn't expect to hear from a Dietitian. If we were what we ate, at age 17 I almost definitely would have turned into Mr Caramello Koala himself. Now don't get me wrong, healthy eating is important and it can affect your physical, mental and emotional health, but in this time of fad diets, foodie hashtags and celebrity 'wellness' programs it's also important to have a little healthy perspective.

What you eat does not define you as a person.

There is no holy grail moment when someone hands you a certificate as you're pulling your tenth batch of coconut oil kale chips out of the oven and tells you to crack open the green smoothies because you've reached healthy guru status.

Yes, your body breaks down the food you eat and uses it to grow and repair body tissues. But you are more than body tissues. You are thoughts and conversations, you are relationships and and interactions, you are dreams and aspirations. In the same way that you are not just the books you read or the number of oversea trips you've taken, you are most certainly not just what you eat. You are a complex, amazing, moving, thinking, feeling human being.

So don't boil yourself down to what you had in your breakfast bowl this morning. Enjoy your weekend and the opportunity to make food choices knowing that a single meal won't make you any more or less deserving of a wonderful life.