Fat Talk Free February

February has arrived and I'd love to draw your attention to a fantastic initiative run by The Butterfly Foundation called 'Fat Talk Free February'. For the month of February (and beyond of course!) we are challenged to become more aware of how our words contribute to body dissatisfaction in both men and women. We're encouraged to consider our conversations with family, friends at school or work, and even the conversations we have with ourselves and commit to using language that does not reinforce the need to be thin.

The potentially dangerous impact of Fat Talk should not be underestimated. It perpetuates the overvalued ideal of thinness and shared revulsion of fat and may be particularly damaging to those who are vulnerable to eating problems.
— The Butterfly Foundation - Fat Talk Free February Stats & Facts

You can head to the The Butterfly Foundation's page to sign the pledge, learn more about the initiative, or even host an event to help start conversations and spread the Fat Talk Free message. When signing the pledge, have a think about what you can do as an individual to combat negative body talk. Personally, I plan to

  • Speak up and against 'fat talk' when it comes up in conversations with friends, instead of ignoring it.
  • Compliment others on non-appearance based traits
  • Consider my posts on social media and ensure they do not promote a thin ideal
  • Speak kindly to myself and pull myself up on my own negative self-talk

Will you take the Fat Talk Free pledge?