Paint your middle finger for May!

Have you seen The Butterfly Foundation's new awareness campaign for May? It's called Don't DIS My Appearance - paint your middle finger for May.
The campaign is all about taking a stand against the practice of judging others based on appearance, which happens all too often in our image based society. 

In western society, dissatisfaction with the body has become a cultural norm.
— The Butterfly Foundation
Paint it in May

Want to join in? The campaign asks you to paint your middle finger during the month of May and in doing so raise awareness of negative body image. Having just one nail painted can become a point of interest and a conversation starter - giving you the opportunity to talk about negative body image in our culture. Check out the promo video below.

Don't DIS My Appearance is a national awareness and fundraising campaign for the Butterfly Foundation, calling on all Australians to take a stand against a culture of appearance based judgement and negative body image. Funds raised go towards better prevention, education, treatment and support services to fight eating disorders and the devastating impact they have on sufferers, families and our community.

Of course there are other ways to join in, making a donation to The Butterfly Foundation being a very important one. You can donate here

You can also get involved on social media. Share your painted middle finger pics on instagram, twitter or Facebook and tag them with #DISnoBODY. I'd love to see them too, so tag @rethinknutrition on instagram as well.

Most of us know at least one person who has been affected in some way by negative body image, so lets band together to change the focus from how we look to who we are!